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La Salle Academy

High school in New York what will you find on the street 215 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003, United States. This is all the updated information about La Salle Academy, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameLa Salle Academy
SectorHigh school
CityNew York
StateNew York

Opening and closing

High school La Salle Academy New York

La Salle Academy 2022 Information



Today, 4 in 5 users recommend this school, La Salle Academy, has a score of 4.1 over of 5

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Quick answers about this Catholic school and High school New York.

What is your schedule today?

Today Tuesday, La Salle Academy closes at 18:00, look at their weekly schedule here

Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of La Salle Academy is Closed

What street is this this school?

It's in 215 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003, United States

Whats the telephone number of La Salle Academy?

To contact this this school you should call 2124758940

Comments and feedback

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"Overall, La Salle Academy is a great school. There is a great sense of community within the school and the teachers put their time and effort to help their students. I have learned a lot so far and I look forward to my next two years at La Salle Academy."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


2 months ago

"Good School teachers and Administration are friendly. Administration responds to email quickly. The religion department is personally my favorite and always make engaging lessons no matter your religion. English and science department is good and mathematics is ok. Spanish 1 is a "foggy" area. Overall not a bad school. Close to M15 Select Bus Stop so that's good."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


3 months ago

"I really recommend this school for kids who want to come during freshmen year. The teachers are friendly and very helpful when you have troubles in class. The clubs in La Salle Are fun and there are a variety of them in the school so it won’t be hard to find a club that you don’t want to join. The area around the school is a good and safe area so you don’t have to mind that. Overall, it is a good experience for incoming students as they learn to be more vigilant."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


3 months ago

"Its a good school to connect with people from different cultures and the teachers help you with anything you need. If you are lost in something you can ask any teacher and they will help you and they will make time for you, so don't worry about falling behind."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


3 months ago

"My experience of my High School, La Salle Academy in NYC is a positive one, it is a place where I surely recognize my academic strengths and weakness but most importantly a good learning experience overall."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


4 months ago

"The community is very nice as well as the staff and teacher of La Salle Academy. The school offers a good education and prepared kids for college and adulthood"

La Salle Academy Opiniones


4 months ago

"La Salle is a very welcoming and the teachers/staff are amazing. Everyone is friendly and they help you with any problems that you have in any class."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


5 months ago

"This such an amazing institution that allowed me to build a strong foundation for my future career. Staff member are amazing and help you in life."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


5 months ago

"Imma rising sophomore at this school and I can honestly say that this school is excellent. This school is perfect hen it comes to college preparatory and they offer so many rising opportunities for us. The education is great and the teachers are all wonderful when it comes teaching us"

La Salle Academy Opiniones


5 months ago

"A place to learn, grow, and be fully prepared for a college education. Academics are rigorous, teachers and staff are incredibly family orientated."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


6 months ago

"La Salle Academy has been instrumental in the education of our two sons. We’ve been apart of the school culture for the past four years. We currently have a Senior who’s graduating soon and a freshman. From our open house journeys, looking for the right High School was always a priority, and La Salle always stood out from all the rest. There was a sense of security, community and caring. The teachers are very involved and always lend additional time and help if needed to the students. There is 100% transparency between the school and the parents at all times. Our sons gravitated towards the schools culture and La Salle has molded them to be responsible, studious and caring young men. The brotherhood they have cultivated with their fellow schoolmates is a bond they will carry with them in their future endeavors. Forever grateful to La Salle for their continuous support."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


6 months ago

"Very warm faculty members. sort of like Cheers because everyone knows your name there...all students blend and their is no sense of separation between the grades... The teachers for the most part really give their time and attention to the betterment of the young men in attendance."

La Salle Academy Opiniones


8 years ago

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