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Challenger School - Shawnee

Private educational institution in San Jose what will you find on the street 500 Shawnee Ln, San Jose, CA 95123, United States. This is all the updated information about Challenger School - Shawnee, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameChallenger School - Shawnee
SectorPrivate educational institution
CitySan Jose

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Private educational institution Challenger School - Shawnee San Jose

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Today, 5 in 5 users recommend this school, Challenger School - Shawnee, has a score of 5 over of 5

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What is your schedule today?

Today Tuesday, Challenger School - Shawnee opens at 07:00, look at their weekly schedule here

Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of Challenger School - Shawnee is Closed

What street is this this school?

It's in 500 Shawnee Ln, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

Whats the telephone number of Challenger School - Shawnee?

To contact this this school you should call 4083659298

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"My daughter is having a very good time in Challenger-Shawnee campus. She barely talked any English when we sent her here. But now she can even read by herself. The teachers are so passionate. We are very glad of our choice."

Challenger School - Shawnee Opiniones


4 years ago

"Challenger is very good! Within a week, my son learned more then I expected! He says that his classmates are nice to him."

Challenger School - Shawnee Opiniones


4 years ago

"Our kids have gone to Challenger Shawnee since they were 3 and 5 ... they have spent about 14 combined years till date with multiple school principals. We have had a great experience here. They used to be in extended care till 6 PM for 12 combined years (we were engaged with work as a priority) where they were exposed to sports and art. They have a large playground and physical activity is encouraged with a couple of staff involved with it at all times. They are mentally challenged too, with the class teacher reaching out when the scores are sub-par. We think they have turned out well. We think the kids will be in their care till their 7th or 8th grades. The only challenge they face is in the lack of diversity in Challenger’s class rooms - we chose to address this by engaging them in other activities outside of school where they are exposed to the broader community ... this continues to be top of our mind."

Challenger School - Shawnee Opiniones


4 years ago

"Awesome teachers!!! Great, friendly staff!!! My son loves going to school in the morning and when he gets home, he loves telling me what he learned that day. At only 3 1/2 years old, he's learning how to sound out words. It's amazing!!! His confidence level has improved, he's no longer a shy little boy. Challenger makes learning a fun and enjoyable experience for the kids."

Challenger School - Shawnee Opiniones


4 years ago

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