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East Valley High School

High school in North Hollywood what will you find on the street 5525 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States. This is all the updated information about East Valley High School, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameEast Valley High School
SectorHigh school
CityNorth Hollywood

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High school East Valley High School North Hollywood

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Today, 3 in 5 users recommend this school, East Valley High School, has a score of 3.6 over of 5

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Quick answers about this Public educational institution and High school North Hollywood.

What is your schedule today?

Today Tuesday, East Valley High School opens at 08:00, look at their weekly schedule here

Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of East Valley High School is Closed

What street is this this school?

It's in 5525 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States

Whats the telephone number of East Valley High School?

To contact this this school you should call 8187534400

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"It is a school with very good attention.They care about students and that their parents are aware of them.They inform us every event of the week.They call us to parent meetings to hear our opinions and take them into account.It is a small school and I think that makes it different from most, coming to have the ability to pay more attention to students."

East Valley High School Opiniones


5 years ago

"A lot of fun, expensive pool, a variety of electives, small school, and for the most part great teachers I personally respect."

East Valley High School Opiniones


7 years ago

"This school is honestly the best, I'm in drill team and it's so much fun our coach is amazing she is always there for us she talks to us and makes us all try our best. The school is huge the swimming pools are always so clean. The staff is so friendly to everyone, there are no gangs this year its been so calm no ones gotten into any fights no suspensions and no ones gotten tickets its sad that i have another year left because i wouldn't want to leave but i need to go to college so I'm glad to say i came to this school."

East Valley High School Opiniones


7 years ago

"Amazing theater program and speech team, I'm lucky to say I was a part of it! It's hands on, you build, you act, you write all in guidance of our theater coach, plus, I'm glad he doesn't sugarcoat things. AP teachers are great. The social environment is better than most, everyone's mainly neutral with one another. Fights have become less and less apparent throughout the years. The only issue i still have is with the main office staff...but that's another story. Sure, the school's not the greatest but it's getting to be better. For a semi-new school, it's running pretty alright."

East Valley High School Opiniones


8 years ago

"Before i switched to this school. I had the misconception in my mind that this would be the school that was right fit for me. I had absolutely no doubts. This school was perfect. Identical to a prison, bleak, overcrowded, and full of broken dreams. I would have given the school 5 stars. But I didn't like when strangers would walk in the stall with me, when i went to the restroom. But hey at least I had company!Javier Najera - EVHS FALCON!"

East Valley High School Opiniones


8 years ago

"This school is an excellent school if you your self can plan out the class that u want to be in. If you don't get the classes then you only have a 3 week period at the beginig of the year to talk to the counselor and don't be shy ask for AP classes they will help you almost all teachers are excellent since they will take the time to help you if they can since the classes are packed but the good thing about it is that everyone treats every good since theres almost no clicks and the grade level doesnt matter there could be 12th graders with 9th and we all help everyone out with what we can and are always looking to improve. we do have a pool that we use for PE and it is also open to the public after school in certain days. true that theres some rude or bad tearchers in the school but every school has that theres no way in removing them since theres going to be one student that will pick a fight with the teacher and the office staff also are rude but it also depends on how you treat them and how calm and willing you are in waiting its a small packed school that they try to control and help with wat they can. my opion would be that if u want to have a great year then be involved in some clubs or sports and meet people dont be shy and try to help outPS look out for the school food it need to improve...."

East Valley High School Opiniones


9 years ago

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