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Hawthorne Elementary School

Elementary school in Beverly Hills what will you find on the street 624 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States. This is all the updated information about Hawthorne Elementary School, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameHawthorne Elementary School
SectorElementary school
CityBeverly Hills

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Elementary school Hawthorne Elementary School Beverly Hills

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Today, 4 in 5 users recommend this school, Hawthorne Elementary School, has a score of 4.5 over of 5

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Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of Hawthorne Elementary School is

What street is this this school?

It's in 624 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States

Whats the telephone number of Hawthorne Elementary School?

To contact this this school you should call 3102293675

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"Loved this school. The teachers were awesome and I loved them so much. The teaching is exemplary, I was taught there. I was excited to go to school everyday.<3"

Hawthorne Elementary School Opiniones


5 years ago

"I have been going to Hawthorne school since Kindergarden and now I am in 8th grade.Hawthorne has the most amazing teachers, principles, and staff.Our school might have a large population of Persian Jews, but our friends groups are not exclusive.My friend who is not Persian and Jewish, knows the language so well cause we teach it to her, we don't keep the language a secret.I have going to Hawthorne for 9 out 13 years of my life and I do not want to leave.Once a Viking always a Viking!Class of 2014"

Hawthorne Elementary School Opiniones


8 years ago

"I don't know who reviewed this school, but it's very anecdotal and not fair at all to judge an ENTIRE school by the negative experience of one parent and one child. Our daughter (not Persian or Jewish - to address the "diversity" complaint) came in LATE in the year and had the most incredible experience for her first year of school as a Kindergartner. We came from Edina, MN and a school and district ranked in the top 10 nationwide... and our experience at Hawthorne was as positive.We feel particularly lucky to have ended up in this school... our daughter, and our family, have made lifelong friends. In life one often gets out what one puts in, at least from our experience. We put in a lot of energy, positive energy, and we got back an incredible experience. That being said, a school can not ever be all things to all people, but it saddens us to see any negative reviews and hope that parents are not discouraged by them.We would have given Hawthorne 6 stars if Google let us rank it that high."

Hawthorne Elementary School Opiniones


9 years ago

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