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Hamilton Middle School

Middle school in Houston what will you find on the street 139 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States. This is all the updated information about Hamilton Middle School, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameHamilton Middle School
SectorMiddle school

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Middle school Hamilton Middle School Houston

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Today, 3 in 5 users recommend this school, Hamilton Middle School, has a score of 3.9 over of 5

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What is your schedule today?

Today Sunday, Hamilton Middle School opens at 20:00, look at their weekly schedule here

Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of Hamilton Middle School is Closed

What street is this this school?

It's in 139 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

Whats the telephone number of Hamilton Middle School?

To contact this this school you should call 7138024725

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"Currently an Eighth grader and I have to say that I've enjoyed all three years I've been on this campus. I love the whole experience I have had here, and love all the friends and staff I met here as well."

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


4 years ago

"Oh my god this school is horrible. We are treated like inmates, and the staff is terribly rude. This is my last year and I want out. A previous review is pretty much on spot. Not the happy 6th graders'."

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


4 years ago

"As a student at Alexander Hamilton Middle school, I love it. It has karate, computer, robotics, band, Dance, and all curricular classes.😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺"

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


4 years ago

"I'm a 7th grader now and I enjoyed my teachers last year but sometimes the school sucks can't wait to leave for highschool iand I'm speaking for the lame kids who won't speak up for what they believe in on here when at school u guys complain like th"

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


4 years ago

"Honestly it's a good school if you like all the rude staff. Not all staff are rude but some of them are. And the way we sit at lunch is just flat out strange. They say it's because we move around the cafeteria. If we got to sit with our friends they're wouldn't be so much moving, because the only reason we move is because we wanna sit with our friends. So when they say "you get to socialize at school during lunch" just know that the only socializing there is, is when the deans yell at us."

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


4 years ago

"hamilton ms is a wonderful, fun loving, but serious enviroment where teens such as myself can learn in a safe, respectful, and calm place."

Hamilton Middle School Opiniones


8 years ago

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