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North Hollywood High School

High school in North Hollywood what will you find on the street 5231 Colfax Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States. This is all the updated information about North Hollywood High School, opinions, closing and opening hours, location and your contact.

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NameNorth Hollywood High School
SectorHigh school
CityNorth Hollywood

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High school North Hollywood High School North Hollywood

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Today, 3 in 5 users recommend this school, North Hollywood High School, has a score of 3.9 over of 5

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Quick answers about this Public educational institution and High school North Hollywood.

What is your schedule today?

Today Tuesday, North Hollywood High School opens at 08:00, look at their weekly schedule here

Opens on sundays?

The Sunday hours of North Hollywood High School is Closed

What street is this this school?

It's in 5231 Colfax Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States

Whats the telephone number of North Hollywood High School?

To contact this this school you should call 8187536200

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"I went here and graduated in 2000. I felt this was a top school during my time. Hopefully some of these comments come from kids that just don't understand how good high school is. Your school can only be as good as the students and teachers running it.The school is huge! Most (probably all now) of the student parking lot has bungalow classrooms built over them. Definitely getting overcrowded."

North Hollywood High School Opiniones


4 years ago

"Ok my kid just got accepted in the zoo magnet program and I went today to pick up the enrollment application and it wasn't my best experience, first the school looks dirty, second the staff in the office did not have any idea of the programs that they have it makes me feel like they do not know they have magnet programs fortunately there was this lady who stand up and help me out, I am starting to think that it wasn't a good choice, fortunately it was a better situation when I went to the zoo school"

North Hollywood High School Opiniones


5 years ago

"North hollywood is a grate school. You will always find hard working students and facolty.I strugled so much. But most of my teachers went above and beyond to help me. They were patent, they had faith in me, they respected me and I respected them.Others didnt. They went through the motions of "educating". In reality they abused there athority, tried to waist time, waited to collect there pension.These minority of teachers (you know who you are) gave the rest a bad name. This is unfortunite because I belive noho to be a beacon of light in my unstable life.For the teachers who belived in me, thank you. I owe you thanks for my sucsess. For those who tried to intimidate me, thank you for teaching me how to deal with a toxic figure of athority. You are but another obstacle that I am proud to have overcome."

North Hollywood High School Opiniones


7 years ago

"The school was great but security is terrible. A former teacher from Francis Polytechnic Senior High was always trying to pick me up after school. He said my parents knew him and said it was okay. I won't be fall for that again. Once he paid a security guard to help him get me in his car. Definitely NOT a good day LOL!I moved again."

North Hollywood High School Opiniones


8 years ago

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Hello my name is gabriela jimenez and I would like to know which is the maximum and minimum degree (course) of the school